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Words Crush: Hidden Words!
Words Crush: Hidden Themes!

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Words Crush Hidden Words Answers
Words Crush Hidden Themes Answers

Please note that we are in the process of playing and finishing the answers for the latest game Words Crush: Hidden Themes.

Are you stuck with the game? Use this easy to reference and lookup table for every single solutions for all the levels and puzzle packs for Words Crush: Hidden Words! by BitMango. Enjoy to beat and finish the puzzles in no time with the best and complete cheats answers.

We are updating our site to be more mobile friendly by dividing each puzzle packs into their own page. We are also creating a set of “hint” pages with only the first letters if you still want a challenge instead of straight out answers.

If you like the old page with all the answers in one page, it is still available at Words Crush One Page Solutions Cheat.

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Quests Answers Cheats

Easy Chapter
Easy Beginner
Easy Medium
Easy Advanced
Easy Talented
Easy Skillful
Easy Veteran
Easy Expert
Easy Master

Normal Chapter
Normal Beginner
Normal Medium
Normal Advanced
Normal Talented
Normal Skillful
Normal Veteran
Normal Expert
Normal Master

Hard Chapter
Hard Beginner
Hard Medium
Hard Advanced
Hard Talented
Hard Skillful
Hard Veteran
Hard Expert
Hard Master

Extreme Chapter
Extreme Beginner
Extreme Medium
Extreme Advanced
Extreme Talented
Extreme Skillful
Extreme Veteran
Extreme Expert
Extreme Master

Variety Chapter
Variety Step by step
Variety Surf Board
Variety Hardest 3!
Variety Random
Variety 8 Letters
Variety Theme
Variety Big on Big
Variety Sayings
Variety Food
Variety Our Life
Variety the World
Variety Arts
Variety Sports
Variety Science
Variety Theme 2
Variety Theme 3
Variety Theme 4
Variety Theme 5
Variety Theme 6
Variety Theme 7
Variety Theme 8
Variety Theme 9
Variety Theme 10
Variety Theme 11
Variety Theme 12
Variety Theme 13
Variety Theme 14
Variety Theme 15
Variety Theme 16
Variety Theme 17
Variety Theme 18
Variety Theme 19
Variety Animals


Best Words Crush Cheats Index — 209 Comments

  1. I am stuck on goddess level cooking – 13 letter word starting with c (choppingboard) doesn’the work. I think it is broken.

  2. I am stuck in “EASY EXPERT-9” (Try to find adverbs of place…), any know the answer to this question? Thanks

  3. Goddess level, disney is the theme. Last word is Pocahantas but is not accepted. Is the word spelled incorrect? I checked the spelling and i am pretty sure i am spelling correct. So can you check to see if it is a mistake?

  4. I use to enjoy Word Crush. But now it’s Changed and I want it taken off. It’s no fun after it. Changed. It’s a shame because I enjoyed it best of all until it changed

  5. Joni,I found COD and CAT, but neither is the fish they want, evidently. May not be worth the 12 coins.

  6. I am on master level 5 and cannot get the last word “starter” to have the letters in the correct order. I have tried everything. Help please.

  7. Anyone help with easy medium #1 sun flower? Im trying to get all the hidden words. I need one more- starts with a W and is a 6-letter word. (I have woeful already) thanks!

  8. Anyone help with easy medium #1 sun flower? Im trying to get all the hidden words. I need one more- starts with a W and is a 6-letter word. (I have woeful already) thanks!

  9. I cant figure out the 7 letter word starts in NI on EASY VETERAN level 9. Need help

  10. What is a gold extra word list that you get extra points for? How do you complete one?

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