Complete solution and answers guide to the Master Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Hidden Themes Master Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

Master Diy Level 1
Screw, Polish, Brick, Chisel, Cement, Repair, Yourself

Master Diy Level 2
Bolt, Drill, Paint, Hammer, String, Spanner, Wallpaper

Master Diy Level 3
Brush, Knife, Wire, Clothing, Unique, Hobby, Sandpaper

Master Diy Level 4
Toolbox, Creating, Tile, Ruler, Pliers, Broken, Ladder

Master Diy Level 5
Build, Furniture, Screwdriver, Tape, Plank, Craft, Saw

Master Computer Level 1
Cable, Space Bar, Windows, Print, Vaccine, Click, Apple

Master Computer Level 2
Email, Virus, Tablet, Monitor, Website, Data, Speakers

Master Computer Level 3
Game, Enter, Folder, Typing, Network, Download, Screen

Master Computer Level 4
Mouse, Laptop, Browser, Icon, Program, Internet, Enter

Master Computer Level 5
Cable, Power, Memory, Desktop, Restart, Keyboard, File

Master Foods And Drinks Level 1
Soup, Bacon, Steak, Brandy, Coffee, Noodles, Casserole

Master Foods And Drinks Level 2
Hamburger, Taco, Kebab, Curry, Yogurt, Potato, Chicken

Master Foods And Drinks Level 3
Meatball, Roll, Sushi, Toast, Vodka, Chowder, Coleslaw

Master Foods And Drinks Level 4
Pasta, Cider, Salad, Tomato, Macaroni, Cocktail, Juice

Master Foods And Drinks Level 5
Meatloaf, Pizza, Waffles, Burrito, Coke, Salmon, Jelly

Master Camping Level 1
Bugs, Tent, Camp, Hiking, Blanket, Waterfall, Barbecue

Master Camping Level 2
River, Trip, Snake, Fishing, Mountain, Caravan, Insect

Master Camping Level 3
Mosquito, Campers, Hammock, Raincoat, Friends, Cloud

Master Camping Level 4
Forest, Lake, Canoe, Stream, Lantern, Wildlife, Nature

Master Camping Level 5
Valley, Backpack, Adventure, Campfire, Rope, Matches

Master Sci-Fi Level 1
Game, Light, Cyborg, Android, Superhero, Time Machine

Master Sci-Fi Level 2
Cyber, Future, Machine, Telepathy, Robots, Black Hole

Master Sci-Fi Level 3
Movie, Science, Fiction, Teleport, Astronaut, Galaxy

Master Sci-Fi Level 4
Fantasy, Computer, Technology, Supernatural, Space

Master Sci-Fi Level 5
Alien, Planet, Digital, Spaceship, Innovation, Novel


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