Complete solution and answers guide to the Magician Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Hidden Themes Magician Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

Magician Workout Level 1
Athletic, Balance, Exercise, Fitness

Magician Workout Level 2
Belly, Active, Strength, Gym, Physical

Magician Workout Level 3
Cellulite, Health, Jogging, Training

Magician Workout Level 4
Yoga, Weight, Muscle, Shape, Diet, Body

Magician Workout Level 5
Sprint, Walking, Loss, Fat, Calory, Burn

Magician Bicycle Level 1
Bell, Crossbar, Exercise, Handlebars

Magician Bicycle Level 2
Lever, Rider, Crossbar, Saddle, Wheels

Magician Bicycle Level 3
Gears, Value, Reflector, Riding

Magician Bicycle Level 4
Chain, Stand, Pedals, Frame, Cable, Road

Magician Bicycle Level 5
Race, Vehicle, Lock, Cycling, Tire, Seat

Magician Greek Mythology Level 1
Zeus, Odysseus, Aphrodite, Hero, Midas

Magician Greek Mythology Level 2
Apollo, Hera, Olympus, Pegasus, Trojan

Magician Greek Mythology Level 3
Hades, Literature, Gods, Temple, Titan

Magician Greek Mythology Level 4

Magician Greek Mythology Level 5
Hercules, Poseidon, Adventure, Poems

Magician Money Level 1
Dollar, Coins, Change, Purse, Interest

Magician Money Level 2
Credit, Stock, Banking, Spend

Magician Money Level 3
Cash, Savings, Card, Salary, Loan, Price

Magician Money Level 4
Currency, Withdraw, Piggy Bank, Broke

Magician Money Level 5
Rich, Wealth, Poor, Safe, Charge, Wallet

Magician United Kingdom Level 1
Europe, British, Royal, Kingdom, Queen

Magician United Kingdom Level 2
Palace, Bigben, Monarch, Royalty, Pubs

Magician United Kingdom Level 3
London, Knight, Beatles, Rain, Accents

Magician United Kingdom Level 4
Oxford, Rose, Fish, Chips, Shakespeare

Magician United Kingdom Level 5
Sherlock, Harrypotter, Tea, Burberry


Words Crush Hidden Themes Magician — 10 Comments

  1. Level 3 of Greek Mythology is wrong. Right answers are: Goddesses Demeter Pandora Ancient
    Level 4 of Greek Mythology is wrong. Right answers are: Hades, Literature, Gods, Titan, Temple

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