Complete solution and answers guide to the Victor Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

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Hints Mode
for first letter of each word only.

Victor Real Estate Level 1
Building, Condo, Duplex, Fixer, Street, Rental, Lender

Victor Real Estate Level 2
Block, Complex, Dwelling, Family, Lifestyle, Remodel

Victor Real Estate Level 3
Buyer, Cottage, Home, Neighborhood, Value, Paint, Tile

Victor Real Estate Level 4
Decor, Attic, Bungalow, House, Realty, Foundation, Broker

Victor Real Estate Level 5
Lien, Garden, Roof, Deck, Lease, Offer, Located, Interior, Deposit, Estate

Victor Restaurant Level 1
Dishes, Menu, Plate, Setting, Knife, Spoon, Fork, Dating

Victor Restaurant Level 2
Lunch, Manager, Dinner, Delicious, Food, Staff, Cooking, Recipe

Victor Restaurant Level 3
Restaurant, Cafe, Tasty, Dessert, Culinary, Celebrate, Server

Victor Restaurant Level 4
Place, Table, Hungry, Chef, Sauce, Glass, Cutlery, Decoration, Beverages

Victor Restaurant Level 5
Dining, Service, Order, Cuisine, Kitchen, Spices, Coffee, Gourmet, Drink

Victor Sci-Fi Level 1
Science, Fiction, Movie, Novel, Cyborg, Android, Robot

Victor Sci-Fi Level 2
Future, Machine, System, Orbit, Telepathy, Scientist

Victor Sci-Fi Level 3
Superhero, Alien, Timemachine, Discovery, Infinity

Victor Sci-Fi Level 4
Teleport, Space, Galaxy, Microbe, Planet, Invasion, Supernova

Victor Sci-Fi Level 5
Cyber, Digital, Solar, Mechanics, Universe, Light, Mystery, Technology

Victor Bicycle Level 1
Balance, Gravel, Route, Shift, Transport, Fast, Saddle

Victor Bicycle Level 2
Bicycle, Helmet, Riding, Travel, Field, Energy, Signal

Victor Bicycle Level 3
Curbs, Repair, Wheels, Health, Hobby, Sport, Handlebar

Victor Bicycle Level 4
Chain, Pedals, Vehicle, Roadway, Street, Cycling, Race, Leisure

Victor Bicycle Level 5
Brake, Locking, Spoke, Traffic, Speed, Activity, Mountain, Frame, Safety

Victor Flower Level 1
Plants, Garden, Valentine, Nature, Sprout, Orchid, Symbol

Victor Flower Level 2
Botany, Marriage, Green, Bloom, Lily, Decorative, Ground

Victor Flower Level 3
Blossom, Floral, Petals, Magnolia, Anniversary, Heart

Victor Flower Level 4
Tulip, Florist, Romantic, Yard, Daisy, Greeting, Nectar

Victor Flower Level 5
Beautiful, Wedding, Lilac, Violet, Marigold, Pretty, Cute, Happy


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