Complete solution and answers guide to the Variety Theme 6 Pack in Words Crush by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Variety Themes 6 Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

Variety Theme 6 Saying
Love, Sees, No, Faults

Variety Theme 6 Valentines Day
Chocolate, Love, Proposal, Date

Variety Theme 6 Smallest Dog Breed
Chihuahua, Maltese, Dachshund

Variety Theme 6 Fairy Tale Books
Peterpan, Rapunzel, Pinocchio

Variety Theme 6 Ice Cream Flavors
Praline, Greentea, Yogurt, Mint

Variety Theme 6 Car Brands
Lexus, Porche, Toyota, Cadillac

Variety Theme 6 Detective
Alibi, Case, Investigate, Crime

Variety Theme 6 Pilgrimage
Journey, Duration, Expedition

Variety Theme 6 Butterfly
Wings, Cocoon, Pollen, Flutter, Nectar, Insect

Variety Theme 6 Level Post Office
Delivery, Package, Stamps, Receipt, Tracking

Variety Theme 6 Types Of Bags
Backpack, Clutch, Suitcase, Satchel, Holdall

Variety Theme 6 Ancient Egypt
Mummy, Papyrus, Pyramid, Sphynx, Pharaoh, Tomb

Variety Theme 6 Gambling
Casino, Betting, Lottery, Roulette, Dice, Debt

Variety Theme 6 Monsters
Dracula, Zombie, Mummy, Werewolf, Ogre, Goblin

Variety Theme 6 The Circus
Audiences, Clown, Costumes, Elephant, Parade

Variety Theme 6 Chocolate
Bar, Cookies, Fondue, Icecream, Truffle, Candy

Variety Theme 6 Tahiti Beach
Surfing, Coast, Pacific, Coral, Resort, Landscape, Snorkeling

Variety Theme 6 Handicrafts
Calligraphy, Sculpture, Crochet, Pottery, Knitting, Origami

Variety Theme 6 Yellow Things
Dandelion, Margarine, Submarine, Mustard, Cheese, Sweetcorn

Variety Theme 6 Picnic
Basket, Luncheon, Baguette, Cheese, Wine, Lovers, Picturesque


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  1. not able to solve ancient egypt ……. please help!!!!! puzzle is not rite please help m to solve it

  2. I cannot solve ancient Egypt the letters are not arrange correctly. how can I pass to the next level

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