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Words Crush Hidden Words Answers
Words Crush Hidden Themes Answers

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Quests Answers Cheats

Easy Chapter
Easy Beginner
Easy Medium
Easy Advanced
Easy Talented
Easy Skillful
Easy Veteran
Easy Expert
Easy Master

Normal Chapter
Normal Beginner
Normal Medium
Normal Advanced
Normal Talented
Normal Skillful
Normal Veteran
Normal Expert
Normal Master

Hard Chapter
Hard Beginner
Hard Medium
Hard Advanced
Hard Talented
Hard Skillful
Hard Veteran
Hard Expert
Hard Master

Extreme Chapter
Extreme Beginner
Extreme Medium
Extreme Advanced
Extreme Talented
Extreme Skillful
Extreme Veteran
Extreme Expert
Extreme Master

Variety Chapter
Variety Step by step
Variety Surf Board
Variety Hardest 3!
Variety Random
Variety 8 Letters
Variety Theme
Variety Big on Big
Variety Sayings
Variety Food
Variety Our Life
Variety the World
Variety Arts
Variety Sports
Variety Science
Variety Theme 2
Variety Theme 3
Variety Theme 4
Variety Theme 5
Variety Theme 6
Variety Theme 7
Variety Theme 8
Variety Theme 9
Variety Theme 10
Variety Theme 11
Variety Theme 12
Variety Theme 13
Variety Theme 14
Variety Theme 15
Variety Theme 16
Variety Theme 17
Variety Theme 18
Variety Theme 19
Variety Animals


Best Words Crush Cheats Index — 194 Comments

  1. Why is it some of ur answers to levels are spelt wrong… As been stuck a few times and spelling or word night on answers

  2. I still need 1 hidden word that begins with 0 for the Extreme Advanced 19 quest. I have found outride, outer, outlaw, outers and outrider. I have 5 but Quest says there are 6. HELP, my next level will not unlock until I solve this!!!!

  3. The word game in theme 5 for the Under puzzle has an issue. The word stand and cost are not reachable.

  4. Hello,
    I’m stuck on a 7 letter hidden word in the puzzle – for normal/talented/12.
    I am missing a 7 letter word between Detests & Duet.
    Could you help me please?
    Thank you (in advance),

  5. I have tried every single combo to get the last hidden word in EASY MEDIUM LEVEL 5. I can’t get the hidden word that is between ‘MOLT’ and ‘NIGH’. please HELP ME. I have gone a lot further and found most hidden words but this one is really bugging me. Can anyone pls help.

  6. @ amanda, the word is noil. this game uses words that are so obsure you have to randomly select letters until you find the word XD

  7. What do you do for the new ones that where added on? I have been on Variety, animals,sayings, NJ and there are no help for them.

  8. I’m stuck on the variety puzzles under the subject animals and the title of the puzzle is working dogs!! I got rescue, guide, and hunting please someone help me!! Thanks

  9. Stuck on easy medium 17 hidden word between malt and sall (5 letters) thanks.

  10. Help variety 4, mammals. I know all the words but there’s no way to put them all in. There must be some mistake and you cant just skip it and go to the next one😑

  11. I think the d is in the wrong position on Variety, Rainforest animals. Please chef it out.

  12. Yes the “d” in leopard is in the wrong place. The developers need to submit a correction so we can continue playing.

  13. To solve variety, animals, rain forest try this order: sloth,jaguar,monkey, gorilla, leopard, tiger. For leopard, use the “r” above the “a”.

  14. I am working on the new variety level foods japanese foods. Looking for list of words. It is the 6th or 7th puzzle in this level. One word is sushi

  15. The “d” still needs to be moved. It will not move over. Please fix so I can continue to play. Thanks.

  16. I am stuck on Easy Medium 5 I cant find a 6 letter word that is after Ono and before Thin

  17. Does anyone have the cheat answers for these puzzles. Some are so obscure they are impossible to figure out. I’ve noticed that the spelling is incorrect which makes solving the puzzles crazy hard. HELP!!

  18. on the easy beginner quest it is saying to find 6 words and there is only 3 and it will not let me finish the quest

  19. I’m already in the variety mode. I’m stock in the category TREE NAME.. HELP PLEASE!

  20. Is there a COMPLETE word list of ALL the hidden words? I’m not inquiring about the initial theme-words that you find to unlock the next level, but to the extensive word list that lists the additional dozens of hidden words within each puzzle.

  21. The letters that I have in Extreme-Veteran- 15 are different than the ones you show on your cheats web page. I’m trying to figure out how to get Berlin out of the letters I have and it isn’t working. I can see it on the letters you have.

  22. Quest: HARD TALENTED 6; find An American musical comedy drama name … Quest: EXTREME EXPERT can only find 6 five letter words that start with SC … ugh

  23. Stuck at Variety Our Life also. What’s up with this. The answers can’t be found.

  24. is the game over with when you finish with theme5. i have done all the quest puzzles. i really do not want to go to facebook thank you

  25. Also stuck on Laundromat level. Did anyone figure out the order to get the word patience to work?

  26. @Nancy – I am having the same problem and haven’t been able to move forward with the “d” in leopard on the Rainforest Animals in Variety Animals. I’ve tried several different orders of words and all the tricks that were mentioned here and haven’t conquered it yet.

    Can anyone help? Some of you have completed all the levels? How did you get past this one?

  27. Stuck on Summer festivals found words
    Rock outdoor music dance stuck on other two words

  28. in Rainforest animals I did the word leopard out of order do that one before the next word

  29. I have completed the Rainforest animals I think I had to put in Leopard before the word that goes in next sorry I don’t remember the word

  30. I’m stuck on Theme 2 tree names. I can’t get maple, popular, eucalyptus and willow to work. The other trees are magnolia, bamboo, and camellia.
    Please help.

  31. I’m stuck on school life under the “our life” section. Locker and homework are driving me insane lol

  32. Are any of these comments getting to the right people… I have posted a comment for the last 2 weeks every other day and I do not see it on here anywhere… I am stuck on the Our Life section on all the answers, is there a cheat sheet on this catagorie as I cannot afford to buy any hints

  33. The daily does not work. There is NO way to get aisle and visa. I used hints just to prove it

  34. I’m with @DonaldPuckett. Where are the hints and answers for the Variety Our Life and The World? I’m stuck on the Our Life – Good Morning! level. It is impossible to complete and like, Anonymous said yesterday about another puzzle, I have proven it with hints earned with the Daily quests. HELP!!!

  35. I also can nit figure out how to get locker and our life section. I got all the words to fit but always have one left that won’t work. Words are attendance, locker, homework, knowledge,backpack, and graduate. But cannot get to work. Help

  36. Thank you, we have updated the site to include the latest puzzle pack “Arts”

  37. Is there a mistake in the scuba diving puzzle? I have figured out the words but can not get the letters in the correct places. Any suggestions?

  38. I cannot get into quest for extreme mode to collect 50 metals. I have collected 42 but it will not let me back in to collect the remaining 8.

  39. The answers to the theme Horse given here are wrong. It he answers to Dogs been mistakenly posted again. The correct answers to the Horse theme are:
    Gallop, equestrian, hoof, neigh, canter, bridle, saddle, stable.

  40. I do not know how to solve the Word Crush Hidden Themes Learner School level 4, the words are EXAM and TEST but I just can’t connect then correctly HELP. THX

  41. Help…no answers posted for Variety “Science” between Sports and Theme2????

  42. Hello, we are working on the solutions right now, we should have them available later today or tomorrow. Thank you for the reminder!

  43. I am stuck on word crush hidden themes magician level mythology level three. Can anyone provide me the correct answers? Laura

  44. After Variety level there is a Foods level. First puzzle is fast foods, second is Chocoholic-help!!


  45. Looking for help on the variety theme level 6 types of bags. I have backpack, suitcase,and clutch. Another possible word is satchel but the letters are not in the correct places. Can anyone provide me with the solutions? Laura

  46. Stuck on hidden words normal master 2. It is a 7 letter word between alts and ash. Any ideas

  47. I am stuck over 2weeks now i cant play wordcrush again collect 50medals in normal mode, collect 400 star in normal mode am confused i dont get that. please who can help me out

  48. I need to find and American musical comedy drama name in hard talented, can anyone help me?

  49. Where do I find answers to extreme gift 5card. This is after extreme expert.

  50. I’m stuck in variety, our life, school life. I know all the words but can’t seem to get the arrangement right. How are the words arranged?

  51. I’m stuck on variety our life school life. What’s the order of arrangement of the words? I have all but I can’t complete.

  52. Please help! I need to find the answer to Word Crush Hidden Themes Quest: Find a name of a fish on Sage-Job-4. Someone help please!!

  53. Susan, click on the icon with the letter “a” in upper left. Start with first game. The small puzzles are easier.

  54. On every puzzle there is an”A” in the left corner hit that and complete both top words. (are puzzle words) and bottom words( are extra words). Start with very first puzzle. When get all 55 you are halfway to 110 gold words.
    Good luck 😏

  55. I am really stuck on the QUEST in Variety Theme 18 (the subject is France). The quest asks you to ‘Find the name of a flightless bird with a long neck’. I found the word Emu, but it appears that is not the answer.

    Can anyone tell me what it should be, please ?

    Thank you and good luck to you all πŸ™‚

  56. I am currently playing in WordsCrush Hidden Themes and, despite the explanations on this site, I still can’t fathom it out !!

    Therefore, please can anyone give me a ‘Moron’s’ explanation of how to solve the Quest to ‘Make 55 Gold Extra Word Lists’ please ?!!??

    (balsogoth on August 13, 2016 at 11:00 pm said:

    On every puzzle there is an”A” in the left corner hit that and complete both top words. (are puzzle words) and bottom words( are extra words). Start with very first puzzle. When get all 55 you are halfway to 110 gold words.
    Good luck)

    Are you saying that I have to complete the ENTIRE puzzle, including ALL the hidden words, as well as solving the puzzle itself for every single puzzle to get a ‘Gold’ ?

    Oh the joys of being old and senile πŸ™‚

    Thank you

  57. how do I find 6 hidden words in begiiner 4. for the quest when there are only 3. I am stuck and can’t continue on?

  58. I have reached Science in Variety. Thereafter I have reached Theme 2 with tag Quest. The level is already solved, but it is not unlocking. I am unable to proceed. What is the solution.
    [email protected]

  59. Rookie Level Home 4 – I have 36/37 hidden words. I can’t find the 4 letter word that starts with ‘O’. Has anyone else completed this? I have contacted support through the game as I have looked up every possible answer and I get nothing, and support won’t reply to me. Thanks.

  60. I’m guessing that you haven’t posted Theme 12 because you can’t get the last word in’Here Kitty Kitty’ either. It’s laid out incorrectly. Either you can’t get the final letter, “t”, or you can’t get to the “p”.

  61. I need help! There’s a new theme in variety that isn’t here & the puzzles are mixed up. Anyone know the answers to Variety Theme 12 – Big Cats???its actually whatever answers should’ve been for Earth.

  62. Where is the hints & help for Variety Theme 12? I can’t get Big Cats and am getting very frustrated with this one but I love the game.

  63. can you please post answrs to the gold extra words. I have tried all but in some of the levels there are words that does not fit. Please post the answers

  64. I can’t find theme 12 answers anywhere the clue us St Patricks it may or may not have day. Thank you I love this game except when I can’t figure something out.

  65. I’m sure I’m overlooking it, but what is the answer to the Adept Picnic 1 quest? It says to find a name of the animal based on superhero.

  66. I see many people are having issues with variety Our Life: School Life. I am also having an issue. Does anyone know the correct way to map it out, or a site to find out to come up with the answer. I got all the words just the grid is screwed up. And i was trting to answer people but not sure how cuz its giving issues on that too

  67. I am stuck on goddess level cooking – 13 letter word starting with c (choppingboard) doesn’the work. I think it is broken.

  68. I am stuck in “EASY EXPERT-9” (Try to find adverbs of place…), any know the answer to this question? Thanks

  69. Goddess level, disney is the theme. Last word is Pocahantas but is not accepted. Is the word spelled incorrect? I checked the spelling and i am pretty sure i am spelling correct. So can you check to see if it is a mistake?

  70. I use to enjoy Word Crush. But now it’s Changed and I want it taken off. It’s no fun after it. Changed. It’s a shame because I enjoyed it best of all until it changed

  71. Joni,I found COD and CAT, but neither is the fish they want, evidently. May not be worth the 12 coins.

  72. I am on master level 5 and cannot get the last word “starter” to have the letters in the correct order. I have tried everything. Help please.

  73. Anyone help with easy medium #1 sun flower? Im trying to get all the hidden words. I need one more- starts with a W and is a 6-letter word. (I have woeful already) thanks!

  74. Anyone help with easy medium #1 sun flower? Im trying to get all the hidden words. I need one more- starts with a W and is a 6-letter word. (I have woeful already) thanks!

  75. I cant figure out the 7 letter word starts in NI on EASY VETERAN level 9. Need help

  76. What is a gold extra word list that you get extra points for? How do you complete one?

  77. Please tell me the 5 words beginning with EQ quest in original mode. Found 4 but stuck on 5th

  78. Can someone please please help me with the quest that is 5 words that began with EQ IN FRIENDS LEVEL 2 ORIGINAL GAME. FOUND 4 BEEN STUCK ON 5th for days. Please help 5 WORDS BEGINNING WITH EQ

  79. Is anyone else stuck on Variety Theme 15 – Morning? There’s an extra word that’s not listed here & most of it doesn’t fall into place. HELP PLEASE!

  80. I’ve sent an email to the creator of the game. I was at variety big on big level puzzle number 19. Tons of clues. Metals on all completed levels. Then I open up the other day and the entire game is reset back to the beginning. Are YOU kidding me… now what ..

  81. Same problem as Lisa on Variety Theme 15 Morning. Missing word is Hairbrush but still not possible to make word Hangover. Thanks.

  82. Hi,

    I need help! On puzzle Hidden Normal Talanted 11 hidden word 4 letters after HAMS and before HEAL. See attached pictures. I tried every which way possible and not thinkable and cannot figure out this word to finish the puzzle.

    Words Crush

    Tammy Williams

  83. can someone help me in beginner 10 for the hidden words there are seven of them but there’s only one that i can’t think. these are the words that i found Dee, Den, Dene, End, Ned and Nee please help me.. thanks πŸ˜€

  84. To Bazil

    Word crush normal medium 13 4 letter between has and nah please anyone

    Answer is HEAD

  85. I’m stuck on express level rainforest animals. Leopard is not accessible to solve the puzzle. Unless someone knows the solution to that problem. Please email me how it’s to be done.

  86. Help help please! The theme puzzle about Australia just cannot be correct! I know the needed words are aborigine and outback, but impossible! Hasn’t anyone else had trouble with the Australia puzzle ? The answers say outblack and aboricine. I’m sure they mean outback, but aboricine isn’t in the dictionaries I’ve looked in, plus I don’t see any way to get there! I’ve moved past that particular puzzle but eventually need to get an answer. Can anyone help?

  87. Cannot get vanquish soccer. Just doesn’t fit. Letters do not fit correctly. Am I the only one with this problem?

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