Complete solution and answers guide to the Conqueror Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

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Conqueror Camping Level 1
Star, Lake, Path, Campfire, Waterfall, Outdoors, Fishing, Caravan, Kayak

Conqueror Camping Level 2
Moon, Boot, Grill, Water, Adventure, Backpack, Wildlife, Hammock, Forest

Conqueror Camping Level 3
Park, Tent, Bike, Cabin, Equipment, Campground, Animal, Barbecue, Insect

Conqueror Camping Level 4
Tree, Gear, Rock, Bottle, Flashlight, Knapsack, Canteen, Lantern, Nature

Conqueror Camping Level 5
Map, Rest, Canoe, Compass, Hunting, Repellant, Skewer, Scenery, Survival

Conqueror Earth Science Level 1
Sea, Terra, Field, Metamorphic, Weathering, Geologic, Gradual, Pangaea

Conqueror Earth Science Level 2
Core, Rock, Layer, Sedimentary, Topography, Magnetic, Surface, Caldera

Conqueror Earth Science Level 3
Lake, Orbit, Mantle, Atmosphere, Biosphere, Organism, Equator, Tsunami

Conqueror Earth Science Level 4
Land, Ocean, Convection, Continent, Mineral, Gravity, Volcano, Current

Conqueror Earth Science Level 5
Water, Magma, Fossil, Earthquake, Altitude, Silicate, Plankton, Island

Conqueror Africa Level 1
Lake, Egypt, Sudan, Toure, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Burundi, Senegal, Savanna

Conqueror Africa Level 2
Masai, Congo, Cairo, Afrikaans, Tanzania, Comoros, Nile, Nairobi, Zambia

Conqueror Africa Level 3
Gold, Chad, Tradition, Elephant, Eritrea, Somalia, Angola, Kariba, Ghana

Conqueror Africa Level 4
Sudd, Sahel, Kenya, Desert, Botswana, Folklore, Lesotho, Tunisia, Guinea

Conqueror Africa Level 5
Veld, Accra, Benin, Libya, Alexandria, Algeria, Liberia, Buffalo, Rwanda

Conqueror Society Level 1
Duty, Culture, Conversation, Leadership, Autonomy, Heritage, Privacy

Conqueror Society Level 2
Chat, Money, Media, Government, Community, Epidemic, Relation, Capital

Conqueror Society Level 3
Tax, Child, Friend, Reputation, Diversity, Minister, Religion, Mansion

Conqueror Society Level 4
Marry, Alone, Adult, Discipline, Apartment, Charity, Language, Citizen

Conqueror Society Level 5
Love, House, People, Store, Cooperate, Traffic, Freedom, Service, School

Conqueror World War 2 Level 1
Japan, Empire, Enemy, Commonwealth, Military, Evacuee, Refugee

Conqueror World War 2 Level 2
Invade, Prison, Controlling, Germany, Telegram, General, Soviet

Conqueror World War 2 Level 3
Airman, Ration, Censorship, Holocaust, Shelter, Judaism, Atomic

Conqueror World War 2 Level 4
Pacific, Battle, Weapon, Gramophone, Blackout, Liberate, Uniform

Conqueror World War 2 Level 5
United, Hitler, Resistance, Civilians, Defence, Warship, Powers


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  1. The answers for Conqueror Africa can’t be found in the puzzle. Please help!! Thank you!!

  2. Words do not match in Africa
    pack 1, I am not sure about the rest.
    Could you please fix the mistake for other players.
    Otherwise this is a good site to get answers from

  3. Hi
    The words in Africa 1 pack do not match in the answers given, I am not sure yet of the remaining 4 if they also do not match.

    Could you please fix the mistake for other players who want to find the right answers?

    This site is terrific in getting answers but I would be a shame if this oversight isn’t corrected.

    Thank you

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