Complete solution and answers guide to the Captain Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Hidden Themes Captain Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

Captain Flowers Level 1
Magnolia, Sunflower, Cherryblossom

Captain Flowers Level 2
Florist, Boom, Floral, Rose, Bouquey

Captain Flowers Level 3
Tulip, Iris, Daisy, Magnolia, Daffodil

Captain Flowers Level 4
Petal, Thistle, Lilac, Chrysanthemum

Captain Flowers Level 5
Poppy, Layender, Camellia, Buttercup

Captain Desserts Level 1
Brownie, Cake, Doughnut, Marshmallow

Captain Desserts Level 2
Candy, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Popsicle

Captain Desserts Level 3
Tart, Jelly, Sherbet, Pancake, Parfait

Captain Desserts Level 4
Cookîe, Crossiant, Milkshake, Yoghurt

Captain Desserts Level 5
Macaron, Pudding, Custard, Pastry, Pie

Captain School Level 1
Knowledge, Question, Spanish, Folder

Captain School Level 2
Blackboard, Math, Art, French, History

Captain School Level 3
English, Biology, Reading, Chemistry

Captain School Level 4
Vocabulary, Grammar, Writing, Lesson

Captain School Level 5
Cafeteria, Lunch, Sandwich, Backpack

Captain Clothes Level 1
Fashion, Shawl, Jeans, Slippers, Boots

Captain Clothes Level 2
Accesories, Skirt, Dress, Stockings

Captain Clothes Level 3
Cardigan, Hoodie, Shorts, Blouse, Coat

Captain Clothes Level 4
Sweater, Raincoat, Shirts, Underwear

Captain Clothes Level 5
Shoes, Leggings, Jacket, Uniform, Vest

Captain Castle Level 1
Sword, Archer, Fort, Knight, Wall, Tower

Captain Castle Level 2
Crown, Arrow, Throne, Queen, Lord, Tiara

Captain Castle Level 3
Princess, Unicorn, Dragon, Moat, Noble

Captain Castle Level 4
Medieval, Jester, Wizard, King, Palace

Captain Castle Level 5
Magic, Realm, Gate, Prince, Rotal, Manor


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