Complete solution and answers ruler to the Ruler Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Hidden Themes Ruler Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

Ruler Musical Level 1
Audition, Phantom, Grease, Stage, Dance, Actor, Entertainment

Ruler Musical Level 2
Curtaincall, Dialogue, Chicago, Movement, Humor, Songs, Evita

Ruler Musical Level 3
Story, Cats, Emotional, Audience, Rehearsal, Theatre, Actress

Ruler Musical Level 4
Broadway, Applause, Wicked, Rent, Comedy, Acting, Voice, Writer

Ruler Musical Level 5
Setting, Overture, Dramatic, Tickets, Lighting, Performance

Ruler Africa Level 1
Safari, Arid, Buffalo, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Algeria, Baboon

Ruler Africa Level 2
Desert, Nature, Rhino, Rainforest, Antelope, Nigeria, Mandela

Ruler Africa Level 3
Continent, Elephant, Morocco, Gazelle, Jungle, Giraffe, Zebra

Ruler Africa Level 4
Snake, Hippo, Grassland, Savannah, Egypt, Sahara, Monkey, Sudan

Ruler Africa Level 5
Ethiopia, Ostrich, Heat, Kalahari, Impala, Maasai, Kenya, Pygmy

Ruler Polar Exploration Level 1
Fox, Puffin, Alaska, North, Aurora, Orca, Arctic, Polaris, Sweden

Ruler Polar Exploration Level 2
Hare, Ermine, Canada, Tundra, Krill, South, Antarctica, Iceland

Ruler Polar Exploration Level 3
Wolf, Finland, Reindeer, Penguin, Squid, Greenland, Wolverine

Ruler Polar Exploration Level 4
Polarbear, Norway, Glacier, Cold, Walrus, Seal, Melting, Russia

Ruler Polar Exploration Level 5
Inuit, Whales, Lemming, Exploration, Ocean, Narwhal, Freezing

Ruler Green Level 1
Celery, Greentea, Seaweed, Spinach, Leaves, Stem, Caterpillar

Ruler Green Level 2
Dollar, Pistachio, Lizard, Jungle, Meadow, Alligator, Avocado

Ruler Green Level 3
Cabbage, Grass, Jade, Frog, Broccoli, Cactus, Iguana, Artichoke

Ruler Green Level 4
Cucumber, Wasabi, Olive, Kelp, Moss, Emerald, Clover, Asparagus

Ruler Green Level 5
Forest, Pickles, Turtle, Holly, Mint, Army, Crocodile, Shamrock

Ruler Military Level 1
Marshal, Veteran, Bullet, Attack, Revolution, Infantry

Ruler Military Level 2
Conflict, Uniform, Fighter, Sniper, Weapon, Commander

Ruler Military Level 3
Sailor, Rifle, Tank, Terrorist, Soldier, Admiral, History

Ruler Military Level 4
Marine, Officer, Navy, Alliances, General, Captain, Deadly

Ruler Military Level 5
Army, Strategy, Defense, Submarine, Airforce, Battleship


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