Complete solution and answers guide to the Vanquish Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Hidden Themes Majesty Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

Majesty So Sweet! Level 1
Cookie, Honeydew, Cherry, Fudge, Mango, Toffee

Majesty So Sweet! Level 2
Dessert, Nectar, Tooth, Smell, Biscuit, Pastry

Majesty So Sweet! Level 3
Taste, Jam, Ganache, Icing, Crepe, Fondant, Custard, Pudding, Pie

Majesty So Sweet! Level 4
Caramel, Taffy, Praline, Nougat, Orange, Brownie, Chocolate, Jellybean

Majesty So Sweet! Level 5
Honey, Syrup, Pancake, Marshmallow, Popsicle, Banana, Gumdrop, Truffle

Majesty Father’S Day Level 1
Support, Teach, Generous, Kisses, Love, Strong

Majesty Father’S Day Level 2
Funny, Hugs, Play, Memories, Jokes, Life, Card, Together

Majesty Father’S Day Level 3
Honor, Necktie, Dad, Son, Daughter, Hero, Wonderful, Laugh, Happy

Majesty Father’S Day Level 4
Special, Thanks, Guide, Learn, Daddy, Brave, Respect, Kind, Child

Majesty Father’S Day Level 5
Adore, Comfort, Father, Games, Husband, Protect, Mentor, Parent, Respect

Majesty Baseball Level 1
Assist, Park, League, Throw, Uniform, Hits, Club

Majesty Baseball Level 2
Deck, First, Foul, Bunt, Helmet, Ball, Champion, Winning

Majesty Baseball Level 3
Score, Field, Winning, Trophy, Catcher, Stadium, Mascot, Single

Majesty Baseball Level 4
Saves, Cheering, Strategy, Playoffs, Minor, Major, Glove, Third

Majesty Baseball Level 5
Strike, Manager, Captain, Second, Sliding, Homerun, Unpire, Steal, Mound

Majesty St. Patrick’S Day Level 1
Blarney, Fun, Coins, Irish, Saint

Majesty St. Patrick’S Day Level 2
Leprechaun, Snakes, Gold, Party

Majesty St. Patrick’S Day Level 3
Celtic, Ireland, Lucky, Patrick, Clover, Magic

Majesty St. Patrick’S Day Level 4
Cross, Green, Hat, Rainbow, Shamrock, March, Jig

Majesty St. Patrick’S Day Level 5
Parade, Tradition, Legend, Limerick, Potato, Dance, Celebrate

Majesty Fastfood Level 1
Burrito, Hamburger, Tasty, Coke

Majesty Fastfood Level 2
Muffin, Rootbeer, Fast, Chicken

Majesty Fastfood Level 3
Transfat, Pizza, Fries, Frosty, Sandwich, Taco

Majesty Fastfood Level 4
Unhealthy, Crispy, Milkshake, Calorie, Nacho

Majesty Fastfood Level 5
Waffle, Chips, Greasy, Taco, Junk, Fried, Hotdog, Bigmac


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