Complete solution and answers guide to the Hero Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Hidden Themes Hero Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

Hero Weather Level 1
Sunlight, Overcast, Drought, Puddle, Storm, Mist, Temperature

Hero Weather Level 2
Raining, Thunder, Prediction, Forecast, Season, Frost, Breeze

Hero Weather Level 3
Blizard, Smog, Lightning, Moisture, Drizzle, Sleet, Heatwave

Hero Weather Level 4
Shower, Flood, Atmosphere, Humidity, Climate, Boiling, Chilly

Hero Weather Level 5
Hurricane, Typhoon, Flurries, Degrees, Hail, Tsunami, Monsoon

Hero Friend Level 1
Companion, Faithful, Together, Rapport, Secrets, Advice, Bond

Hero Friend Level 2
Favorite, Forever, Best, Trust, Clique, Special, Relationship

Hero Friend Level 3
Friendship, Important, Reliable, Confide, Forgive, Ally, Chum

Hero Friend Level 4
Buddy, Gossip, Understand, Priceless, Memories, Depend, Close

Hero Friend Level 5
Chitchat, Amigo, Precious, Counsel, Partner, Laugh, Cherished

Hero Fashion Level 1
Handbag, Chic, Neckline, Floral, Comfortable, Trendy, Couture

Hero Fashion Level 2
Fashionable, Large, Drape, Simple, Sleeves, Elegant, Wardrobe

Hero Fashion Level 3
Baggy, Retro, Classic, Shopper, Feminine, Accessories

Hero Fashion Level 4
Fabric, Causal, Unique, Vintage, Garments, Flexible, Industry

Hero Fashion Level 5
Highheels, Fancy, Design, Pocket, Crochet, Shirring, Timeless

Hero Art Level 1
Classical, Architecture, Contrast, Palette, Depict, Collage

Hero Art Level 2
Sketch, Creative, Landscape, Signature, Modern, Calligraphy

Hero Art Level 3
Graffiti, Composition, Abstract, Drawing, Canvas, Frame, Clay

Hero Art Level 4
Crayon, Gallery, Blending, Brush, Apply, Baroque, Masterpiece

Hero Art Level 5
Cartoon, Animation, Graphic, Exhibition, Brightness, Popart

Hero Music Level 1
Metal, Recording, Conductor, Composer, Singer, Popstar

Hero Music Level 2
Rapper, Hymn, Classical, Musician, Headphones, Symphony

Hero Music Level 3
Listen, Instrument, Flautist, Harmony, Anthem, Solo, Track

Hero Music Level 4
Duet, Orchestra, Country, Soprano, Volume, Choir, Brass

Hero Music Level 5
Concert, Hiphop, Acoustic, Performer, Speakers, Gospel


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