Complete solution and answers guide to the Star Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Hidden Themes Star Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

Star Wedding Level 1
Balloon, Cake, Family, Honeymoon,Spouse, Vows

Star Wedding Level 2
Bouquet, Ceremony, Dancing, Flower, Marriage

Star Wedding Level 3
Bride, Church, Invitation, Groom, Party, Rings

Star Wedding Level 4
Dress, Tuxedo, Veil, Reception, Picture, White

Star Wedding Level 5
Officiant, Promise, Guest, Suit, Bridesmaids

Star Environment Level 1
Green, Species, Rainforest, Windpower, Earth

Star Environment Level 2
Nature, Population, Climate, Warming, Change

Star Environment Level 3
Energy, Litter, Nature, Population, Recycling

Star Environment Level 4
Smog, Air, Depletion, Litter, Trash, Resources

Star Environment Level 5
Ecosystem, Drought, Endangered, Toxic, Waste

Star Economics Level 1
Business, Capital, Barter, Finance, Strategy

Star Economics Level 2
Balance, Account, Money, Bank, Savings, Salary

Star Economics Level 3
Budget, Investment, Company, Employee, Trade

Star Economics Level 4
Profit, Bidding, Income, Auction, Price, Buyer

Star Economics Level 5
Stock, Graph, Forecast, Value, Funding, Supply

Star Weather Level 1
Thunder, Climate, Snow, Warm, Cool, Prediction

Star Weather Level 2
Lightning, Cold, Windy, Shower, Report, Cloudy

Star Weather Level 3
Hurricane, Rainy, Frost, Dew, Season, Storm, Wet

Star Weather Level 4
Foggy, Moisture, Humid, Degrees, Air, Blizzard

Star Weather Level 5
Temperature, Freezing, Hail, Dry, Atmosphere

Star Transport Level 1
Train, Subway, Plane, Motorcycle, Kayak, Lorry

Star Transport Level 2
Ship, Car, Taxi, Canoe, Jeep, Rocket, Helicopter

Star Transport Level 3
Tram, Yacht, Ferry, Balloon, Sledge, Limousine

Star Transport Level 4
Monorail, Ambulance, Caravan, Aircraft, Tank

Star Transport Level 5
Truck, Boat, Tractor, Bus, Jet, Vessel, Carriage


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