Complete solution and answers guide to the Champion Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Hidden Themes Champion Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

Champion Earth Level 1
World, Globe, Nature, Iceberg, Animals, Land, Core, Asia

Champion Earth Level 2
Mountain, Volcano, Field, Oxygen, Grass, Forest, Ozone

Champion Earth Level 3
Ocean, Ecology, Tree, Magma, Season, Continent, Desert

Champion Earth Level 4
Rain, Lava, Earthquake, Crust, Sphere, Europe, Climate

Champion Earth Level 5
America, River, Green, Planet, Africa, Water, Soil, Rock

Champion Restaurant Level 1
Bread, Knife, Tip, Fish, Bistro, Waitress, Salad, Coffee

Champion Restaurant Level 2
Diner, Lunch, Cafe, Food, Brunch, Chicken, Steak, Napkin

Champion Restaurant Level 3
Fries, Order, Chef, Fork, Courses, Spoon, Manager, Pasta

Champion Restaurant Level 4
Fruit, Party, Cook, Menu, Gourmet, Table, Kitchen, Glass

Champion Restaurant Level 5
Dish, Waiter, Server, Dressing, Cashier, Ingredients

Champion Cosmetics Level 1
Lipstick, Cleanser, Mascara, Cotton, Face, Balm, Cover

Champion Cosmetics Level 2
Cream, Lotion, Perfume, Concealer, Plumper, Cosmetic

Champion Cosmetics Level 3
Blush, Skin, Powder, Lipgloss, Eyeshadow, Nailpolish

Champion Cosmetics Level 4
Brush, Glitter, Foundation, Remover, Eyeliner, Tools

Champion Cosmetics Level 5
Bronze, Shimmer, Moisturizer, Beauty, Toner, Bright

Champion Movie Level 1
Comedy, Romantic, Flick, Hit, Preview, Actress, Critic

Champion Movie Level 2
Action, Screen, Episode, Suspense, Promotion, Spy, War

Champion Movie Level 3
Popcorn, Trailer, Hollywood, Thriller, Stunt, Credit

Champion Movie Level 4
Cinema, Ticket, Animated, Bixoffice, Film, Epic, Drama

Champion Movie Level 5
Fantasy, Director, Plot, Story, Horror, Prequel, Actor

Champion Ice Cream Level 1
Mint, Sundae, Alamond, Popsicle, Melt, Sugar, Blueberry

Champion Ice Cream Level 2
Sorbet, Cold, Scoop, Gelato, Strawberrry, Coffee, Syrub

Champion Ice Cream Level 3
Topping, Cone, Dairy, Float, Freeze, Dessert, Greentea

Champion Ice Cream Level 4
Milk, Sweet, Tasty, Summer, Cookie, Sprinkles, Caramel

Champion Ice Cream Level 5
Yummy, Chocolate, Frozen, Cream, Vanilla, Cherry, Soft


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