Complete solution and answers guide to the Monarch Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Hidden Themes Monarch Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

Monarch Farm Level 1
Barn, Weed, Fence, Horse, Agricultural, Farmstead, Crops, Stable, Harrow

Monarch Farm Level 2
Milk, Well, Grain, Fruit, Weathervane, Vineyard, Rooster, Butter, Arable

Monarch Farm Level 3
Goat Seed, Dairy, Fertilizer, Tractor, Orchard, Trough, Worker, Produce

Monarch Farm Level 4
Corn, Manor, Baler, Livestock, Pasture, Farmer, Cheese, Harvest, Organic

Monarch Farm Level 5
Plow, Truck, Vegetable, Ownership, Sowing, Turkey, House, Wheat, Feedlot

Monarch Plant & Tree Level 1
Brush, Tulip, Evergreen, Foliage, Clover, Forest, Violet, Shrub, Blossom

Monarch Plant & Tree Level 2
Fruit, Leaf, Trunk, Camellia, Botany, Poplar, Garden, Maple, Growth, Water

Monarch Plant & Tree Level 3
Acorn, Berry, Grass, Mahogany, Bamboo, Willow, Hybrid, Beautiful, Spring

Monarch Plant & Tree Level 4
Grove, Blade, Flower, Branch, Jungle, Botany, Forest, Shamrock, Biennial

Monarch Plant & Tree Level 5
Roots, Daisy, Stalk, Cactus, Birch, Sprout, Fresh, Compost, Seeding, Grass

Monarch Kitchen Level 1
Oven, Radio, Tongs, Dishwasher, Toaster, Cooking, Sponge, Bottles, Sauce

Monarch Kitchen Level 2
Beater, Dining, Glass, Water, Toast, Appliance, Spatula, Utensil, Peeler

Monarch Kitchen Level 3
Whisk, Spoon, Dishcloth, Fridge, Masher, Grater, Stove, Ingredient, Tool

Monarch Kitchen Level 4
Ladle, Sink, Boil, Cleaver, Kettle, Brush, Chopper, Table, Home, Seasoning

Monarch Kitchen Level 5
Grill, Plate, Mixer, Microwave, Blender, Storage, Cutter, Opener, Simmer

Monarch Refrigerator Level 1
Cold, Meat, Grape, Water, Temperature, Broccoli, Mustard, Cheese, Frozen

Monarch Refrigerator Level 2
Food, Milk, Frost, Juice, Mayonnaise, Leftover, Poultry, Cooling, Fridge

Monarch Refrigerator Level 3
Apple, Lemon, Freon, Olive, Strawberry, Icecube, Produce, Banana, Magnet

Monarch Refrigerator Level 4
Cake, Syrup, Drinks, Electronic, Ketchup, Spinach, Butter, Orange, Bacon

Monarch Refrigerator Level 5
Egg, Peas, Household, Lettuce, Machine, Carrot, Yogurt, Kitchen, Storage

Monarch Space Level 1
Sun, Galaxy, Void, Constellation, Satellite, Asteroid, Neptune

Monarch Space Level 2
Earth, Beyond, Telescope, Universe, Stellar, Meteor, Launch, Moon

Monarch Space Level 3
Venus, Exploration, Astronaut, Mercury, Planet, Aurora

Monarch Space Level 4
Lander, Comet, Atmosphere, Spacesuit, Eclipse, Jupiter, Rocket

Monarch Space Level 5
Orbit, Meteorite, Astronomy, Gravity, Cosmos, Saturn, Globe, Lunar


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