Complete solution and answers guide to the Megastar Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Hidden Themes Megastar Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

Megastar Space Level 1
Crater, Saturn, Gravity, Eclipse, Radiant, Black Hole

Megastar Space Level 2
Planet, Uranus, Docking, Neptune, Sunspot, Meteorite

Megastar Space Level 3
Rocket, Aurora, Nebula, Mercury, Boosters, Supernova

Megastar Space Level 4
Cosmos, Lander, Vacuum, Jupiter, Infinity, Telescope

Megastar Space Level 5
Runway, Probe, Cockpit, Stellar, Asteroid, Satellite

Megastar Plants And Trees Level 1
Fruits, Grass, Bloom, Graft, Berry, Carnation, Botanic

Megastar Plants And Trees Level 2
Lavender, Garden, Clover, Flora, Lush, Fresh, Branches

Megastar Plants And Trees Level 3
Sunlight, Timber, Herbs, Thorn, Bark, Aromatic, Forest

Megastar Plants And Trees Level 4
Marigold, Growth, Violet, Nature, Compost, Birch, Pine

Megastar Plants And Trees Level 5
Willow, Bamboo, Germinate, Mountain, Foliage, Orchid

Megastar Forest Animals Level 1
Squirrel, Mongoose, Gorilla, Badger, Gibbon, Panther

Megastar Forest Animals Level 2
Orangutan, Elephant, Buffalo, Lizard, Jaguar, Toucan

Megastar Forest Animals Level 3
Crocodile, Hedgehog, Anteater, Baboon, Iguana, Panda

Megastar Forest Animals Level 4
Giraffe, Otter, Rhino, Armadillo, Capybara, Mandrill

Megastar Forest Animals Level 5
Coyote, Zebra, Porcupine, Meerkat, Antelope, Warthog

Megastar Countries Level 1
Unitedkingdom, Germany, Canada, Austria, Kenya, Iraq

Megastar Countries Level 2
Finland, Unitedstates, Spain, Australia, Chana, Peru

Megastar Countries Level 3
Brazil, Ireland, India, Greece, Mexico, Italy, Belgium

Megastar Countries Level 4
Philippines, Nigeria, Denmark, Russia, Czech, Turkey

Megastar Countries Level 5
Newzealand, Vietnam, Ecuador, France, Taiwan, Norway

Megastar Baby Level 1
Birth, Diaper, Infant, Crib, Newborn, Booties, Lullaby

Megastar Baby Level 2
Love, Growing, Family, Monitor, Bib, Formula, Stroller

Megastar Baby Level 3
Delivery, Stork, Adorable, Nursery, Onesie, Pacifier

Megastar Baby Level 4
Wipes, Blanket, Snuggle, Powder, Swaddle, Caring, Milk

Megastar Baby Level 5
Bottle, Crawl, Highchair, Teething, Battle, Pregnant


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