Complete solution and answers guide to the Legend Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Hidden Themes Legend Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

Legend Birthday Level 1
Dancing, Party, Blow, Happy, Celebration, Streamers, Laughter

Legend Birthday Level 2
Pizza, Birth, Guest, Cookie, Ribbon, Sparkler, Wrapping, Flame

Legend Birthday Level 3
Friends, Special, Wish, Balloons, Cake, Presents, Anniversary

Legend Birthday Level 4
Chocolate, Surprise, Package, Annual, Cards, Year, Invitation

Legend Birthday Level 5
Candles, Gifts, Calendar, Banner, Greetings, Creamer, Family

Legend Landscape Level 1
Peninsula, Horizon, Cascade, Lagoon, Stream, Volcano, Glacier

Legend Landscape Level 2
Waterfall, Creek, Canyon, Meadow, Summit, Jungle, Gorge, Forest

Legend Landscape Level 3
Iceberg, Desert, Ravine, Valley, Brook, Grove, Vista, Precipice

Legend Landscape Level 4
Vineyard, Crater, Island, Spring, Summit, Coast, Marsh, Plateau

Legend Landscape Level 5
Hills, Oasis, Geographic, Plain, Shore, Cliff, Urban, Rural, City

Legend Entertainment Level 1
Circus, Fireworks, Broadway, Cinema, Radio, Game, Performance

Legend Entertainment Level 2
Movies, Television, Activity, Betting, Magic, Drama, Chat, Film

Legend Entertainment Level 3
Museum, Opera, Music, Shopping, Drinking,Reading, Exposition

Legend Entertainment Level 4
Concert, Leisure, Sports, Dance, Fairs, Animation, Recreation

Legend Entertainment Level 5
Festival, Parade, Humor, Events, Audience, Show, Storytelling

Legend Garden Level 1
Sprinkler, Cabbage, Sprout, Moles, Hose, Ground, Spade, Climber

Legend Garden Level 2
Daffodil, Carrots, Outdoors, Rake, Seeding, Backyard, Potting

Legend Garden Level 3
Tomato, Blooming, Water, Pruners, Tulips, Hobby, Compost, Trowel

Legend Garden Level 4
Cherry, Fork, Weeding, Wheelbarrow, Sunhat, Nature, Tool, Hedge

Legend Garden Level 5
Flower, Planting, Lawn, Herb, Shrub, Sunny, Organic, Fertilizer

Legend Winter Level 1
Reindeer, Indoors, Wreath, Skiing, Igloo, Glacial, Poinsettia

Legend Winter Level 2
Blanket, Mittens, Cocoa, White, Penguin, Holly, Numb, Fireplace

Legend Winter Level 3
Hockey, Sleeding, Chimney, Sniffle, Thermos, Boots, Hibernate

Legend Winter Level 4
Blizzards, Flannel, Skating, Jingle, Flurries Garland, Hearth

Legend Winter Level 5
Sleet, Powdery, Glare, Fleece, Slush, Earmuffs, Socks Snowballs


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