Complete solution and answers guide to the Commander Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Hidden Themes Commander Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

Commander Military Level 1
Admiral, Bullet, Cannon, Marine

Commander Military Level 2
Airforce, Captain, Knife, Rifile

Commander Military Level 3
Army, General, Marshall, Soldier

Commander Military Level 4
Commander, Navy, Sniper, Weapon

Commander Military Level 5
Corps, Uniform, Sailor, Uniform

Commander Art Level 1
Acrylic, Brush, Drawing, Museum

Commander Art Level 2
Canvas, Paint, Mural, Sculpture

Commander Art Level 3
Paper, Modern, Sketch, Portrait

Commander Art Level 4
Exhibit, Gallery, Line, Pattern

Commander Art Level 5
Artist, Landscape, Oil, Hue, Pens

Commander Car Level 1
Audi, Bonnet, Chevrolet, Driver

Commander Car Level 2
Door, Engine, Headlight, Travel

Commander Car Level 3
Brake, Ferrari, Handle, Highway

Commander Car Level 4
Ford, Licence, Wheels, Jeep, Auto

Commander Car Level 5
Gear, Window, Mirror, Tires, Seat

Commander In The Desert Level 1
Dry, Lizard, Snake, Vulture, Dust

Commander In The Desert Level 2
Beetle, Cacti, Mirage, Scorpion

Commander In The Desert Level 3
Oasis, Heat, Sand, Dunes, Gazelle

Commander In The Desert Level 4
Arid, Barren, Duststorm, Iguana

Commander In The Desert Level 5
Camel, Desolate, Sahara, Mirage

Commander Bee Level 1
Honey, Nector, Wasp, Beekeeper

Commander Bee Level 2
Pollen, Buzz, Bumble, Hexagons

Commander Bee Level 3
Swarm, Insect, Hive, Worker, Fly

Commander Bee Level 4
Queen, Flowers, Comb, Sting, Wax

Commander Bee Level 5
Cells, Dance, Wing, Royaljelly


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  1. commander in the desert level 4 supposed to be hot, fox, caravan, barren, iguana

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