Complete solution and answers guide to the Artist Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Hidden Themes Artist Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

Artist Winter Level 1
Blizzard, Mittens, Scarf, Wool, December, Snow

Artist Winter Level 2
Hockey, Coat, Sweater, Parka, Skiing, Pinecone

Artist Winter Level 3
Icicle, Shovel, Hibernation, Wreath, Skating

Artist Winter Level 4
Jackfrost, Cold, Santa, Christmas, Snowflake

Artist Winter Level 5
Jacket, Stove, Fireplace, Season, Cloves, Stew

Artist Baseball Level 1
Bat, Fence, Hit, League, Catcher, Swing, Ground

Artist Baseball Level 2
Batter, Foul, Umpire, Runner, Catch, Bunt, Score

Artist Baseball Level 3
Game, Strike, Field, Throw, Stadium, Safe, Steal

Artist Baseball Level 4
Coach, Glove, Batting, Home, Winner, Announcer

Artist Baseball Level 5
Hitter, Helmet, Pitcher, Jump, Homerun, Inning

Artist Cities Level 1
Amsterdam, Bangkok, Helsinki, London, Ottawa

Artist Cities Level 2
Athens, Budapest, Istanbul, Newyork, Toronto

Artist Cities Level 3
Beijing, Moscow, Santiago, Singapore, Vienna

Artist Cities Level 4
Berlin, Dubai, Lisbon, Vancouver, Washington

Artist Cities Level 5
Taipei, Venice, Sydney, Stockholm, Barcelona

Artist Landscape Level 1
Brook, Glacier, Island, Plateau, Spring, Cliff

Artist Landscape Level 2
Canyon, Forest, Iceberg, Precipice, Mountain

Artist Landscape Level 3
Dune, Ravine, Summit, Lagoon, Horizon, Volcano

Artist Landscape Level 4
Stream, Desert, Ocean, River, Swamp, Grassland

Artist Landscape Level 5
Rock, Hill, Peninsula, Cave, Valley, Waterfall

Artist Music Level 1
Punk, Metal, Cover, Singer, Studio, Guitar, Band

Artist Music Level 2
Live, Remix, Stage, Rhythm, Listen, Notes, Dance

Artist Music Level 3
Duet, Audio, Jazz, Recording, Blues, Award, Rock

Artist Music Level 4
Lyrics, Song, Album, Concert, Rapper, Musician

Artist Music Level 5
Hiphop, Session, Radio, Pop, Media, Songwriter


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