Complete solution and answers guide to the Whiz Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Hidden Themes Whiz Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

Whiz In The City Level 1
Church, Temple, Bookstore, College, Hospital, Street

Whiz In The City Level 2
Bank, Gallery, Library, Club, Bakery, School, Terminal

Whiz In The City Level 3
Plaza, Subway, Highway, Cathedral, Alley, Bus, Station

Whiz In The City Level 4
House, Square, Avenue, Skyline, Gymnasium, Market, Pub

Whiz In The City Level 5
Cafe, Hotel, Museum, Bridge, Stadium, Traffic, Airport

Whiz Health Level 1
Doctor, Vitamin, Fitness, Hospital, Nurse, Scar, Relax

Whiz Health Level 2
Body, Fever, Virus, Living, Scratch, Calcium, Movement

Whiz Health Level 3
Diet, Ache, Injury, Muscle, Dentist, Allergy, Activity

Whiz Health Level 4
Bones, Stress, Surgeon, Dental, Strength, Bruise, Cure

Whiz Health Level 5
Clean, Energy, Patient, Stamina, Lifestyle, Medicine

Whiz Pets Level 1
Parrot, Feed, Mouse, Rabbit, Turtle, Hamster, Training

Whiz Pets Level 2
Kitchen, Tail, House, Friend, Iguana, Bedding, Allergic

Whiz Pets Level 3
Bird, Cute, Treats, Lizard, Shaggy, Loyalty, Companion

Whiz Pets Level 4
Cat, Puppy, Family, Breed, Playful, Guineapig, Beloved

Whiz Pets Level 5
Fish, Bunny, Caring, Fluffy, Loving, Exercise, Animals

Whiz Clothes Level 1
Flowery, Skirt, Baggy, Thread, Casual, Pattern, Formal

Whiz Clothes Level 2
Striped, Jeans, Boots, Stitch, Blazer, Cardigan, Tight

Whiz Clothes Level 3
Dress, Scarf, Fashion, Cotton, Stylish, Trendy, Sleeve

Whiz Clothes Level 4
Shirt, Jacket, Blouse, Underwear, Shoes, Zipper, Shawl

Whiz Clothes Level 5
Shorts, Coat, Pants, Small, Buttons, Socks, Fabric, Suit

Whiz Travel Level 1
Harbor, Cruise, Ticket, Plane, Currency, Sightseeing

Whiz Travel Level 2
Beach, Flight, Airport, Delay, Suitcase, Visit, Depart

Whiz Travel Level 3
Guide, Visa, Booking, Checkin, Brochure, Reservation

Whiz Travel Level 4
Lounge, Hostel, Tourist, Passport, Dutyfree, Packing

Whiz Travel Level 5
Holiday, Vacation, Souvenir, Camping, Resort, Camera


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