Complete solution and answers guide to the Winner Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Hidden Themes Winner Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

Winner Pet Level 1
Cat, Bedding, Fish, Horse, Turtle, Adorable, Fur

Winner Pet Level 2
Kitten, Ferret, Water, Exercise, Bathing, Bark

Winner Pet Level 3
Dog, Rabbit, Collar, Parrot, Training, Friend, Walk, Pet

Winner Pet Level 4
Puppy, Hamster, Treats, Bird, Lizard, Feeding, Groom, Guard, Play

Winner Pet Level 5
Mouse, Caring, Leash, Companion, Follow, Adopt, Protect, Interact, Spoil

Winner Summer Level 1
Summer, July, Lemonade, Shorts, Sunblock, Yard

Winner Summer Level 2
Humid, Beach, Bikini, Mosquito, Swimming, Heat

Winner Summer Level 3
Holiday, Suntan, Outdoors, Sandals, Camping, Tourism

Winner Summer Level 4
Vacation, Party, Volleyball, Campfire, Surfboard, Butterfly

Winner Summer Level 5
Green, Sprinkler, Meadow, Picnic, Snowcone, June, Boat, Parasol

Winner Coffee Level 1
Arabica, Cream, Instant, Strong, Latte, Coffee

Winner Coffee Level 2
Aroma, Milk, Espresso, Foam, Cinnamon, Morning

Winner Coffee Level 3
Beans, Decaf, Ethiopia, Sugar, Java, Cup, Hot, Drip, Blend

Winner Coffee Level 4
Caffeine, Grind, Mocha, Syrup, Roast, Dark, Brown, Drink

Winner Coffee Level 5
Barista, Cappuccino, Iced, Americano, Mug, Macchiato, Bolivia

Winner Work Level 1
Ability, Background, Company, Position, Hire

Winner Work Level 2
Employee, Pay, Resume, Achievement, Callback

Winner Work Level 3
Attitude, Challenge, Occupation, Faculty

Winner Work Level 4
Produce, Team, Guide, Capacity, Vision, Goals, Apply, Interview

Winner Work Level 5
Action, Industry, Project, Salary, Recruit, Perform, Report, Candidate

Winner Bee Level 1
Honeycomb, Cell, Pollen, Colony

Winner Bee Level 2
Venom, Wings, Wax, Larva, Antenna

Winner Bee Level 3
Stripes, Bumble, Insect, Swarm, Nectar, Sweet, Habitat

Winner Bee Level 4
Beehive, Drone, Queen, Workers, Flower, Stinger, Honey

Winner Bee Level 5
Beekeeper, Wild, Swell, Danger, Apiary, Hornet, Dance, Pain, Wasp


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