Complete solution and answers guide to the God Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Hidden Themes God Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

God Textiles Level 1
Motif, Wool, Nylon, Braid, Chiffon, Fabric, Stitch, Crocheting, Cashmere

God Textiles Level 2
Carpet, Spandex, Flax, Tailoring, Silk, Weaving, Pattern, Rubber, Dyeing

God Textiles Level 3
Felting, Padding, Satin, Needle, Leather, Cotton, Embroidery, Clothing

God Textiles Level 4
Velvet, Denim, Tweed, Lace, , Material, Threads, Linen, Curtain, Polyester

God Textiles Level 5
Blanket, Rug, Acrylic, Sheeting, Garments, Flexible, Drawing, Knitting

God Castle & Fairy Tales Level 1
Fantasy, Dwarfs, Goblin, Throne, Queen, Magical, Stepsisters, Kapunzel

God Castle & Fairy Tales Level 2
Wishes, Dragon, Jester, Genie, Troll, Gnome, Witch, Cindrella, Princess

God Castle & Fairy Tales Level 3
Mermaid, Prince, Beast, Sword, Crown, Arrow, Noble, Stepmother, Medieval

God Castle & Fairy Tales Level 4
Beauty, Slipper, Knight, Palace, Curse, Heroes, Wizard, Magic, Snowwhite

God Castle & Fairy Tales Level 5
Aladdin, Unicorn, Castle, Archer, Fairy, Elves, Tiara, Villain, Sleeping

God Earth & Countries Level 1
Warming, Norway, Czech, Argentina, Pollution, Thailand, Conservation

God Earth & Countries Level 2
Desert, Canyon, Horizon, Philippines, Venezuela, Peninsula, Pakistan

God Earth & Countries Level 3
Mexico, Ethiopia, Glacier, Mountain, Environment, Island, Rainforest

God Earth & Countries Level 4
Iceberg, Forest, Species, Climate, Australia, Bangladesh, Population

God Earth & Countries Level 5
Cuba, Malaysia, Mountain, Volcano, Jungle, Ocean, Indonesia, Continent

God In The Blank Level 1
Account, Economy, Banker, Policy, Vault, Secure, Investment, Principal

God In The Blank Level 2
Loan, Deposit, Capital, Balance, Finance, Cheque, Withdrawal, Customer

God In The Blank Level 3
Interest, Dollar, Building, Exchange, Spending, Borrowings, Property

God In The Blank Level 4
Stock, Cash, Strongroom, Payment, Manager, Budget, Statement, Mortage

God In The Blank Level 5
Rates, Fund, Teller, Bank, Savings, Numbers, Credit, Checkbook, Transfer

God Film Level 1
Jaws, Shrek, Toystory, Scream, Tangled, Gravity, Terminator

God Film Level 2
Mulan, Batman, Dracula, Cars, Monster, Inception, Transformers

God Film Level 3
Taken, Bambi, Avatar, Titanic, Starwars, Gladiator, Jurassicpark

God Film Level 4
Alien, Frozen, Tarzan, Chicago, Superman, Pinocchio, Grease

God Film Level 5
Thor, Rocky, Brave, Twilight, Amadeus, Lionking, Dumbo, Aladdin


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