Complete solution and answers guide to the Ace Puzzle Packs in Words Crush: Hidden Themes by BitMango. Use this cheat index to help solve all the puzzles.

If you still want a challenge and just want a little push, consider checking out Hidden Themes Ace Hints Mode for first letter of each word only.

Ace Beach Level 1
Seaweed, Crab, Bucket, Towel, Dive, Sandals, Boat, Shore

Ace Beach Level 2
Coral, Lifeguard, Vacation, Fish, Waves, Bikini, Relax

Ace Beach Level 3
Ocean, Active, Suntan, Holidays, Island, Tide, Goggles

Ace Beach Level 4
Surfing, Current, Shells, Current, Seagull, Frisbee

Ace Beach Level 5
Coast, Sand, Yacht, Shovel, Tropical, Volleyball, Kite

Ace Shopping Level 1
Barcode, Cash, Purse, Cheap, Basket, Delivery, Bag, Shop

Ace Shopping Level 2
Shelf, Price, Cheque, Grocery, Customer, Receipt, Sale

Ace Shopping Level 3
Money, Change, Order, Consumer, Branded, Counter, List

Ace Shopping Level 4
Goods, Clerk, Discount, Expensive, Clothing, Display

Ace Shopping Level 5
Scale, Cashier, Stock, Purchase, Coin, Wallet, Catalog

Ace Tv Level 1
Drama, Guest, Camera, Makeover, Lighting, Commercial

Ace Tv Level 2
Film, Music, Studio, Talkshow, Airwaves, Documentary

Ace Tv Level 3
Cartoon, Audio, Series, News, Shooting, Live, Shopping

Ace Tv Level 4
Sports, Channel, Audience, Sitcom, Viewer, Star, Rerun

Ace Tv Level 5
Script, Reality, Watch, Broadcast, Celebrity, Report

Ace Crime Level 1
Judge, Attack, Jail, Witness, Evidence, Riot, Trial, Sue

Ace Crime Level 2
Court, Robber, Prison, Spy, Incident, Handcuffs, Bride

Ace Crime Level 3
Fraud, Arrest, Victim, Jury, Suspect, Criminal, Hacker

Ace Crime Level 4
Alibi, Lawyer, Guilty, Bail, Smuggle, Terrorist, Thief

Ace Crime Level 5
Police, Report, Illegal, Law, Proof, Detective, Murder

Ace Driving Level 1
Fast, Map, Curve, Tunnel, Vehicle, Traffic, Danger, Sign

Ace Driving Level 2
Fuel, Horn, Pedal, Acenue, Barrier, Scenery, Road, Speed

Ace Driving Level 3
Car, Trip, Lane, Airbag, Gasoline, Hill, Mile, Indicator

Ace Driving Level 4
Driver, Brakes, Tire, Bump, License, Seatbelt, Caution

Ace Driving Level 5
Bridge, Parking, Street, Turn, Alley, Clutch, Gridlock


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  1. Surfing, umbrella, shells, current,seagull,frisbee is the correct order for beech 4

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